Our work



The process


Your visit can be tailored to include as many or as few elements as necessary.
With bundle discounts and the ability to personalise packages to your unique business needs, our accounts team can create the perfect package for you and ensure you get everything you need in one visit.

Our visit elements include:




Virtual Tours


Our sophisticated system allows you to view 24/7 when our operatives can visit and lets you know how long the visit will take, giving you all the details you need about your visit.


Once the visit has taken place, all the elements are uploaded, processed and sent back to you, by 9am the next day. With 4G uploads, even same day turnarounds become possible.


The progress of all orders are tracked through the online interface. Everything is available automatically through our API interface and all assets are archived for 1 month to give you the flexibility you need.


Take things a step further with our bolt on services.

Verification Visits

A special service for those agencies that require a quick visit to verify a property is being marketed honestly. With our excellent coverage of the UK we can have an operative out there on the same day, and get the relevant documentation over to you in a heartbeat.


Need property description written well and in a timely manner? Our copy writing service can help you half the workload, providing a personalised description of the property.


Everything is available and archived on Hotshoe online and can be returned programmatically via our API.

Get in touch


Who will visit the property?

Just to keep you in the loop, when you book online through Hotshoe, confirmations will automatically be sent to you and, if you wish, your vendor. With a breakdown of what visit elements will be taking place, an estimated appointment time and a little bit of information on how to make the most of our visit, Hotshoe makes sure you’re never caught off guard.

How flexible are your services?

Hotshoe has ensured that all our visit elements are customisable, making sure you get exactly what you need. Got a bigger property in need of more stills? We have options to suit every home. With single elements as well as bundles, there’s no limit to our services.

What are your payment plans?

Our invoicing system, like the rest of our services are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your business. We offer 30 day credit terms to established businesses.

Can you edit our photos?

All our photos are quality checked and are digitally processed and enhanced using the latest software. Need that little bit extra done? Our team of editors are always here to help you out. With 90 minute turnaround times, there’s no hanging around waiting for edited images to come through.

How do I place an order?

If everything above sounds interesting please pick up the phone and speak to one of our accounts team to receive step by step instructions and IT support to help you get integrated as fast as possible.